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Tech & Dress Rehearsal:


Nov. 1, 5:00-7:00, Nov. 5, 5:00-8:00, Nov. 6, 5:00-7:00 Nov. 7, 5:00-8:00


Nov. 8, 7:00 pm

 Nov. 9, 7:00 pm

Nov. 10, 11 am, 1:30 pm


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Nov. 1st


All students will wear “basics” under their costumes. Students should come to dress rehearsal with these basics on (please wear some kind of coverup over basics, these are to be worn under clothing). Due to different costume needs, some students will need different basics. Please read carefully below to know what your student needs:

Aladdin: White tank top and fitted athletic shorts

Jasmine: Nude tank top with black biker shorts

Jafar: any color of under tee shirt (tee shirt will help with sweating) and biker shorts

Sultan: white under tee shirt with short sleeves and fitted athletic shorts

Iago: black long sleeved shirt with fitted biker or athletic shorts

Genie: white tee shirt with short sleeves (not tank)

Abu: white tee shirt and fitted athletic shorts

Princess attendants and “belly dancers”: Nude tank tops and black biker shorts

Guards: black tank top (white if they don’t have one)

Agrabahns/Townspeople: white tank top and black biker shorts

**Please do not stress too much about under clothing. We realize that this information is coming to you at the eleventh hour. It took us longer than expected to get everyone costumed. Please try to have your child wear what is listed above. If you do not have and cannot get exactly that, try to wear something close to white or black tee shirt or tank top and fitted biker or athletic shorts.

All students need jazz shoes. Black or tan will work fine. Students should wear no-show socks if they want socks.


**Please wash hair and shower on dress rehearsal and show days** WEAR DEODERANT

Girls: You can choose between wearing your hair pulled back into a french braid or pulled half up with hair curled. No pony tails as they slip out and become messy during costume changes and dancing.

Makeup: Basic stage makeup-light powder, blush, and light mascara

Boys: Please have hair combed and styled AND WASHED. No makeup necessary

Cast Photos:

Cast photos will be taken Wednesday night and made available for purchase digitally.

Message from Bethany (photographer). I will be coming to take pictures of dress rehearsal, Wed, Nov 7 of your child’s cast! If you are wanting an individual photo of your child in costume, you must pre-order! This includes only digital images, no prints and they must be downloaded within 30 days of the gallery opening (you will receive an email). Please include your child’s name when you checkout in the notes. $25 for all photos (donated to Spark). If you would like to see the kinds of images that are included, please see the large pictures in the window at Spark! Order here by Tuesday at midnight.


Tickets are sold primarily through our website. Encourage your friends and family to purchase tickets ahead of time! If the show is not sold out, we will also sell tickets at the door.


Each parent is given 2 free tickets to be used at any of the shows. The password for these free tickets is: JAFAR

Oct. 1st.

Good afternoon! We are half way through our rehearsal process! The first half of the process of putting together a production is the hardest on the kids. It requires a lot of patience as we work through parts and everyone is learning their blocking and choreography. We want to encourage any students who are feeling frustrated to HANG IN THERE! We are almost to the really fun part! We will begin trying on costumes in the next two weeks in preparation for our show! Students will also begin rehearsing on stage with props and set pieces next week. Please practice with your children at home. If they have lines to memorize they really need to be “off book” by this week. Listening to their music in the car is a great way for them to memorize their songs. Please help your kids by playing their music as much as possible. If the students can come prepared for rehearsals, the practices will be so much more fun and rewarding. We want to remind you how important attendance is. We cover so much material each week. Please review the dates above and plan to be at every tech rehearsal and show. We cannot stress this enough. We want all of the kids to feel confident on stage. Thank you for everything you do for your kids. We are so fortunate to get to spend each week with them! We will also be posting tickets by the end of this week! Yay!


  • Tuition is due. Automatic payments will be charged on the 5th. Please be sure that your payment information is up to date.

  • Practice lines and music at home with your kids. This is easily done in the car running to and from activities. Students need to be off book by next week.

  • HANG IN THERE - we are almost to the really fun stuff! Hard work = an amazing reward!

  • Attendance is very important. Please plan ahead and clear your calendars for tech rehearsals and shows,


We are so excited to get started with this cast.  We were so impressed by all of the kids during auditions.  Please remember what we talked about during the parent meeting regarding casting.  Each student will be utilized in this production and will play an important role.  There are several featured dancers and other roles that are yet to be assigned.  We can't wait to see you on Tuesday!  Enjoy your holioday weekend! 

Cast List:

Ensemble:  Includes all Agrabahns, Genie's magical ensemble, and Prince Ali's entourage.  Featured parts will be assigned during the rehearsal process.

Phoebe Alegre

Sophie Broad

Audra Cardon

Grace Fanucchi

Rebecca Fick

Hadley Kerley

Zoe McGee

Suri Goodyear

Mila Goodyear


Aladdin's Friends:

Kassim:  Kyle Matheson  

Omar:  Hazel Hickson

Babkak: Abigail Judd


Jasmines Friends:

Isir:  Kate Jackson

Manal:  Rylee Loria 

Rajah:  Aryanna Watkins  


Aladdin:  Caden Garrett

Jasmine:  Mia Garcia, Carly Kimball

Sultan:  Amanda Reece

Jafar:  Samantha Reece

Iago:  Sydni Wade

Genie:  Erica Bennett, Dylan Loria

Magic Carpet:  Mackenzie Reins

Beggar/Ensemble:  Ethan Haase

Apple Vendor/Ensemble:  Blaine Loria

Fortune Teller/Ensemble:  Victoria Herron

Aisha/Ensemble:  Nicole Haase

Daliyah/Ensemble:  Preslee Mangrum

Prince Abdullah:  Tanner Danos



Razoul: (head of the guards) Camen Garrett

Sahir:  Piper Randall

Amir:  Rosie Lafferty