Alice in Wonderland Saturday Cast

Contact Info:

Phone: 281-516-8382


Executive Director: Nicole Carter

Office Manager: Summer Humphries

Director: Miss Amanda

Choreographer: Miss Victoria

Student Intern: Jade Rosilez


February 16th Rehearsal Notes:

Hello all! 

We had a very productive rehearsal this week! We sang through all of the songs we've worked on thus far and learned two new numbers: "Ocean of Tears/Caucus Race" and "The Golden Afternoon", we learned choreography for "Ocean of Tears/Caucus Race" and "How D'ye Do and Shake Hands", and we ended rehearsal by running the ten minutes of the show. 

The following SONGS and CHOREOGRAPHY need to be memorized by next Saturday: 

"Dodgsonland Parts 1 & 2" 

"I'm Late" 

"Very Good Advice"

"How D'ye Do and Shake Hands" 

"Ocean of Tears/Caucus Race" 

NEXT SATURDAY we will move on to learning choreography for "The Golden Afternoon" and the music and choreography for "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah". 

ALL ACTORS, be memorizing your lines!! Below is a link to our YouTube playlist that contains all our choreography videos. Practice every day!! Practice, practice, practice!!

Thank you!

February 9th Rehearsal Notes:

Hello all! 

We had a great rehearsal this week! We were missing quite a few cast members but we still did some great work. We worked on "Dodgsonland" and "I'm Late" we blocked a few scenes and began learning "Very Good Advice" (see video). 

FOR THE NEXT REHEARSAL all actors need to learn "Ocean of Tears" and "Caucus Race". We'll begin working on this choreography on Saturday so is very important that everyone be very familiar with the songs! 

At this point all actors should have everything we've done up to this point memorized. This includes the scenes we've blocked, songs, and choreography we've learned together. 

I was very pleased with everyone's work yesterday! Keep it up. GO TEAM ALICE! 

Ms. Amanda 

February 2nd Rehearsal Notes

We had a very productive rehearsal this week! We began by cleaning up the "Dodgsonland Part 1" and "Part 2" choreography,  blocking the scene that directly follows that number, and then we choreographed "I'm Late." 

THIS WEEK please watch these videos and rehearse rehearse rehearse!!! 

FOR NEXT SATURDAY, memorize the lyrics for "Dodgsonland", "I'm Late", and "Very Good Advice." Each actor should also be memorizing their lines! 

We had some problems with being disrespectful during rehearsal and talking while Mrs. Amanda and Ms. Victoria were talking. This is the advanced group of actors and we expect them to behave as such. I'm so excited to be working with you all and I hope next week we can come to rehearsal with a positive attitude, focused,  and ready to work! 

Thank you all! GO TEAM ALICE! 

Mrs. Amanda 

January 26th REHEARSAL Notes

Hello parents, 

Today in rehearsal we learned the music for "Dodgsonland Part 1" and "Part 2" and finished choreographing the number. The actors were absolute troopers and we got through a lot of material today! 

For next week (Feb. 2) the kiddos need to review their parts (music) for "Dodgsonland" and watch the choreography video (attached). We are going the block SCENE 1, learn the vocals for "I'm Late", and block pages 13-14. Please have your actors practice "Dodgsonland" (vocals and choreo) and "I'm Late" and continue to familiarize themselves with the rest of the songs in the show which can be found here on our Spark page. Thank you, and I'm very excited to be working with your kids!

-Ms. Amanda


January 23rd

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Alice Back.jpg

Congratulations and welcome to Spark’s production of Alice in Wonderland. We are so excited to get started this semester. We appreciate your patience with the casting process. It is a high priority for us that our students learn and grow, gain confidence, build friendships, and fall in love with the arts! Miss Amanda and Miss Victoria have put a lot of thought into her casting choices. Please know that each character is important! Alice in Wonderland is a heavy ensemble show. Students who make up the ensemble will be singing, dancing, and participating throughout the show. In several instances, the ensemble characters are on stage more than the leads. It’s going to be a fantastic show!

Alice in Wonderland Cast List

Alice/Tall Alice- EmmaKate Farlow

Small Alice- Eden Miller

Mathilda- Mia Tucker

Cheshire Cat 1- Kaylin Sherwood

Cheshire Cat 2- Storey Vermillion

Cheshire Cat 3- Kendall Miller

White Rabbit- Joshua Adams

Doorknob- Mackenzie Bergeron

Dodo Bird- Hugo Arzac

Tweedle Dee- Rowan Oakley

Tweedle Dum- Adam Carter

Rose- Sami Buswell

Petunia- Breezy Bowen

Daisy- Abigail Judd

Lily- Maya Walters

Violet- Emma Vitulli

Caterpillar- Claire Carter

Mad Hatter- Lathan Smith

March Hare- Ryan Smith

Ace of Spades- Carley Kimball

Two of Clubs- Millie Crawford

Three of Diamonds- Grace Nagy

Four of Hearts- Bhawyanjani Singh

King of Hearts- Alex Talkington

Queen of Hearts- Caylin McClellan

Park Kids- Full Cast

Wonderland Characters- Full Cast

Sea Creatures- Mia Garcia, Hanna Ferguson, Kahlil Hayden, Abigail Judd, Sami Buswell,

Breezy Bowen, Maya Walters, Emma Vitulli, Millie Crawford, Lathan Smith, Ryan

Smith, Carley Kimball, Mia Tucker, Grace Nagy, Bhawyanjani Singh, Alex

Talkington, Caylin McClellan, Mackenzie Bergeron

Flowers- Mia Garcia, Hanna Ferguson, Abigail Judd, Carley Kimball, Millie Crawford,

Grace Nagy, Bhawyanjani Singh, Caylin McClellan, Mackenzie Bergeron

Party Guests- Mia Garcia, Hanna Ferguson, Kahlil Hayden, Abigail Judd, Sami Buswell,

Breezy Bowen, Maya Walters, Emma Vitulli, Millie Crawford, Carley Kimball, Mia

Tucker, Grace Nagy, Bhawyanjani Singh, Alex Talkington, Caylin McClellan,

Mackenzie Bergeron

Royal Cards- Mia Garcia, Hanna Ferguson, Kahlil Hayden,Mackenzie Bergeron

Here is everything you need to know. . .

When: Class starts Saturday, Jan. 19th from 10-1

Where: Classes will be held at Spark located at 21610 Highway 249, Houston, 77070. (Near 249 and Jones Road-we are in the same building as 24 hour Fitness on the back right side between Home Depot).

What to expect:

The first day of classes the kids will spend some time getting to know each other, receive their scripts, and do a read through of the show.

What to Bring:

  • Please bring a sack lunch, snack and water bottle labeled with your name. There are no drinking fountains at the studio. We will have water available to purchase for $1.00.

  • Please wear modest clothing that is comfortable to dance in. No short shorts or spaghetti strap tank tops. We comply with the Tomball ISD dress code.

  • We recommend that the kids wear black jazz shoes. They will wear these for the performance and throughout the rehearsal process. You can purchase them at Fancy Dancer, Academy, or Payless. *If you do not have these for the first day they can wear socks.

Tuition: Tuition is due. You can pay at the front desk with a check made out to Spark, or you may pay online.  You can pay in full or through a monthly payment plan.  Tuition is automatically drafted on the 5th of each month.  We will be drafting accounts for this month tomorrow after all of the enrollments are completed. To access your account, please LOGIN.

If you have not created an account, please create on HERE.

Parent Portal Instructions  (Press Ctrl and Click on Link)

Parent Meeting: We will be having a 30 min. mandatory parent meeting on Saturday, Jan. 26th at 12:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns. 281-516-8382

Tech and Show Schedule: Tech and Show Schedule: Now that we have cast the show, we will be setting the times for our technical rehearsal and show schedule the week of April 22nd-27th . We will let you know as soon as possible and will be updating this page.