Alice in Wonderland Katy Homeschool

Congratulations and welcome to Spark’s production of Alice in Wonderland. We are so excited to get started this semester.

Important Dates:

March 11th-16th: Spark Closed for Spring Break

April 20th: Closed for Easter

Tech Rehearsals:

All Tech Rehearsals will be held at Spark Theatre

April 17th: 12pm-3:00pm- Tech Rehearsal

April 29th: 9am-3:00pm- Mandatory Tech Rehearsal

May 1st: 9am-3:00pm- Dress Rehearsal


May 2nd: 12:00pm and 2:30pm

May 4th: 5:00pm and 7:30pm


March 21:

Hi all!

All choreography videos will be uploaded onto a YouTube channel. Please click on the link above (button says Link to Choreography) to take you to all the choreography for Alice In Wonderland. Any specific instructions will be listed here in the Update Area.

Please note on *Caucus Race* NOT block Alice and DoDo Bird during the song...this includes walking to the front and center right before the fall at the end. Please stay in your places.

Please be sure you are listening to the music and practicing the dances at home. It really helps to have everyone prepared at rehearsal!

See you all next week!