Important Dates:

Extended Rehearsals:

May 7th 10-3

May 14th 10-3

Tech and Dress:

Monday, May 20th 12-3

Tuesday May 21st 10-3

Daytime Shows:

Thursday, May 23rd at 10am

Friday, May 24th at 10am (potentially 1pm, TBA)

(We will release dates when they are confirmed with the schools)

Night Shows:

Saturday, May 25th 5:00 and 7:30


April 16th: Finale

January 29th:

The choreography is for the Opening Number and Biology.

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January 24th

Tee Shirts are now available to order! You can grab yours HERE

Order form is open until the beginning of April 2019, But, please order soon if you are planning on it because the order will close if less than 25 people purchase a shirt. Shirts will be delivered to Spark and passed out during class at the start of May.


Wow! What an amazing turn out we had! The display of talent in auditions made casting a really difficult task. There are a few changes we are making and we had to wait on permission before we announced the official cast list. First, we are changing the role of “Karl” to “Karly” and it will be played by a female. We are also adding an additional sidekick to Savannah and dividing lines as we go, so there are two “Kitty” parts to reflect more of a “Mean Girl pack” which should be super fun! Lastly, we are assigning understudies. Depending on how rehearsals progress we will try to have an understudy show which gives is something else to strive towards!

Parent Meeting: We will be having a mandatory parent meeting next Tuesday Jan. 22nd at 2:30 pm. We need every parent to be there and will have a sign in sheet available for you to check in. If you are absolutely unable to attend, you can schedule a phone meeting. We really want all of our parents to be informed so that things will run smoothly this semester.

Freaky Friday Homeschool Cast:

Karly: Alexandria Chung

Monica: Emily Read

Adam: Kaleb Cockrell

Ellie: Annie Shouse

Danielle: Madilyn Oakley

Louis: Jared Roundy

Mrs. Meyers: Lacey McCray

Dr. Ehrens: Jaden Ross

Mr. Blumen: Michael Hill

Mrs. Luckenbill: Caylin McClellan

Senora O’Brien: McKenna Alder

Mrs. Time: Paige Phrommer

Minister: Noah Bradley

Officer Kowalski: Spencer Folsom

Katherine: Rachel Carter

Fletcher: Caden Cockrell

Mike: Estus Stephens

Savannah: Sariah Maloney

Kitty: Ariana Warren

Kitty 2: Bess Gibbons

Torrey: Gaby Cordes

Waiters/Students/Guests/caterers and understudies:

Eleanor Rucksdashel (Meyers US)

Piper Walters (Monica US)

Emma Helms (Savannah US)

Nikki Wheeler (Katharine US)

Kenzie Troyer (Karly US)

Faith Anderson (Ellie US)

Michael Rosenlund (Adam US)

Abby Carrol (Torrey US)

Alyssa Lorenz (Kitty US)

Lila Anguiano (Kitty too US)

Emmy Girgenti (Danielle US)

Brielle Alder (Mrs Time US)

Mary Kate Anderson (Senora O’Brien US)

Emmy Troyer (Dr. Ehrens US)

Maya Walters (Fletcher US)

Emerson Couch (Ms. Blumen US)

Isabella Lawson (officer US)

It’s going to be a great show!