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Parents!!! Here are some videos from the festival that I’m Sure you will enjoy!

Spark Theatre Junior Theatre Festival 2019

Parent/Chaperone Meeting, Information, Rules & Recommendations

There is a LOT of information to share with you, so please read and follow carefully.  If you still have any questions, email Nicole at nicole@sparktx.org.


Cast will need black track pants.  These can be Adidas-style (no stripes, preferred), jazz pants, or yoga pants.  These will be worn with the purple Spark provided shirts for adjudication day.

We will be passing out costumes that each student will be required to pack in their suitcase to Sacramento.


Attached is a letter to your child’s principal explaining their absences for this trip.  Please print and add your child’s name to the subject.


“Like” the Junior Theater Festival Facebook page.  This page will be your source for big festival news, including announcements about special guests. You never know who’s going to show up!

“Like” the Create A Spark Facebook page.  This page will have updates while we are at JTF so you can keep up with all the excitement your children are experiencing as shared by the chaperones and staff.


Check updated flight status and terminal information: 1-800-435-9792 (flight information is subject to change)

Any problems on the day of travel, contact: Nicole Carter: 281-851-2952, Dana Welch:  713-302-3623, or Dana Cretsinger: 832-452-4283


Depart: Thursday, February 7, 2019   MUST BE AT THE AIRPORT AT 6:00 AM

Southwest Airlines #2138
Leaves Thursday, February 7, 2019 8:55 AM Houston - Hobby (HOU)
Arrives Thursday, February 7, 2019 10:35 AM           San Diego (SAN)

Connecting To -

Southwest Airlines #2006
Leaves Thursday, February 7, 2019 11:20 AM San Diego (SAN)
Arrives Thursday, February 7, 2019 12:55 PM           Sacramento (SMF)

Travel time: 6hr 0min

Return: Monday, February 11, 2019
Southwest Airlines #1361 Published Fare
Leaves Monday, February 11, 2019 2:50 PM Sacramento (SMF)
Arrives Monday, February 11, 2019 4:20 PM Los Angeles (LAX)

Connecting To -

Leaves Monday, February 11, 2019 5:35 PM Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrives Monday, February 11, 2019 10:40 PM Houston - Hobby (HOU)

Travel time: 5hr 50min

Pick Up at Hobby Airport (or arrange carpool)


728 Sixteenth Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814, US



Bring spending money (approx. $200) for souvenirs, incidentals, and the following meals.  Assume fast food / casual dining prices. All other meals will be provided.

  • Thursday dinner – due to the long travel time it is advisable for students to pack snacks in their backpacks and have money for food at airport and fast food dinner they can take to their room upon arrival in Sacramento if they choose.

  • Friday lunch

  • Friday dinner

  • Saturday lunch

  • Saturday dinner

  • Sunday lunch

  • Sunday dinner

  • Monday snack at airport

For students under age 15:  It is recommended that you do not give your child all of their spending money.  Put this money in an envelope with your child’s name and any spending notes and give to your child’s chaperone. (You will have an opportunity to meet/visit with the chaperones at the Parent Meeting) This money is for meals not provided by JTF or any souvenirs they would like to purchase.  You may provide more spending money, but please make the chaperone aware so no money is lost or stolen. Please note that smaller bills are essential in order to ensure the chaperone can easily collect money from each student when paying for meals. Students will not have their cell phones with them during the day.  If you want them to call, it can be done at night. In case of an emergency, call/text your child’s chaperone or Nicole at 281-851-2952. Do NOT call the hotel directly. All medical and emergency information must be complete, including insurance cards. WE MUST HAVE COPY OF INSURANCE CARDS.

FINAL NOTIFICATIONS Students must remain on their best behavior AT ALL TIMES!  We expect all students to be respectful to faculty, chaperones, and all iTheatrics staff and JTF participants. When dismissed to rooms for the evening, all hall doors will remain closed and you will remain in your assigned room until the chaperone comes to get you in the morning.  Security personnel watch the halls at night and provide the chaperones with the detailed list of anyone who opened their door. If a child needs assistance in the night, they should call their chaperone’s room number for help. If your child becomes a discipline problem, you will be called immediately and responsible for their flight home. There can be no alcohol or illegal substances on this trip.


Travelers may only bring one check-in suitcase, and one small carry-on and backpack per person.  Baggage must meet size and weight restrictions. No overweight fees will be paid by Spark Theatre. One carry-on item with maximum dimensions of 9”x14”x22” including handles and wheels One check-in item with maximum dimensions of 62 linear inches (linear measurement = length + width + height including handles and wheels) and maximum weight of 50 lbs. DO NOT bring anything you cannot carry yourself. DO NOT bring anything that you don’t want stolen. Spark Theatre and JTF are NOT responsible for your personal items, including cameras, i-pods, cell phones, jewelry, money.  There will be a safe in the hotel room. If a student chooses to bring a phone, they should lock it in the safe before leaving the room each morning. They should NOT take anything valuable with them to daily activities, including phones. Leave room in your luggage for a few things being distributed throughout the trip, as well as souvenirs that you may purchase. Put your name in/on EVERYTHING Note: It is advisable to add a couple snacks to your carry-on bag just in case there are any delays. If possible, it would also be wise to pack adjudication shirts and costume pieces in your carry on due to the plane change. Having some snacks in your daily bag is also recommended.


Below is an outline of what you will be wearing each day. Please note we will be walking A LOT so wear comfortable shoes.

Hint:  It is very helpful to pack your clothes labeled by day in extra large Ziplocks.


  • Spark blue Long Sleeve T Shirt (provided) and jeans or comfy pants and walking shoes


  • Rehearsal clothes and walking shoes


  • Spark purple Once On This Island short-sleeved shirt (provided)

  • Black track pants or yoga pants

  • Walking shoes and black jazz shoes for Adjudication

Saturday evening (Radio Disney Dance)

  • School dance attire.  Let your personality shine through, but please use sound judgement and choose tastefully.  Anyone with inappropriate attire will be sent back to their room to change.


  • Morning: Pod shirt to be provided for you in Sacramento Casual pants

  • Sunday evening show Broadway show-appropriate attire.


  • Comfortable travel clothes


  • *Proper undergarments and socks.Snacks for plane/bus (Thursday) • All necessary toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair elastics, brush, dryer) • Bathing suit for the pool (optional) • Extra change of clothes for downtimes and just in case • PJs •jacket (it will be highs in 50’s-60’s and the lows in the 40’s)


You will need to carry a backpack with you each day.

*Please carry picture ID at all times (Homeschool ID /drivers card/school ID card)

*You should always have: * Deodorant * *Water Bottle

*Healthy Snack (Ex: cheese or nut butter with crackers, trailmix, etc.)

* Wet Wipes (a travel size pack is good) *small first aid or any necessary meds

(My child gets headaches so I send him with peppermint oil and his migraine meds)


Martha Saker: 404-394-6384

Suzanne Anthony:  281-785-2920

Robin Shouse: 281-455-6495

Misty Hale: 281-380-6688

Nicole Carter:  281-851-2952

Dana Cretsinger 832-452-4283/Dana Welch 713-302-3623


September 4th: $600 Festival fee and hotel deposit. All going must pay this by the date

October 1st: $100

November 1st: $100

December 1st: $600 (hopefully can be offset by individual fundraising)

January 1st: $100

*All payments made after the due date each month will automatically incur a $25 late fee. We have to pay JTF certain amounts by specific dates. If someone if late then Spark has to cover the fee up front and that means shuffling funds around and teachers waiting to be paid as well.

Hello everyone! 9/24/2018


We are having a very special guest attend our rehearsal this coming Tuesday, September 24th! Shay Rodgers! Shay works for itheatrics and adjudicates for Junior Theater Festival she is also casting one of the new works that will be presented in Sacramento this year. Some spark students may be selected to perform in Oliver Junior during the Festival on the Music Circus MainStage. Only four groups going get to perform on the MainStage with a new work! This is such an incredible opportunity and we are very excited that our friends at Wildfish want to team up with Spark students. 

Please be on time and ready to show Shay how amazing you are by being prepared and respectful. 


Dana & Dana

See you all Tuesday!

Once on This Island and JTF CAST

We are thrilled to announce the students going to Junior Theater Festival in Sacramento CA this coming February!  

Young Timoune: Kendall Miller

Daniel: Jaxson McAdoo

Story Teller: Hayley Mitchell

Story Teller: Ariana Warren

Story Teller: Kiera simpson

Story Teller: Macy Snideman

Eurelie: Reese Fast

Ton Ton Juian: Estus Stephens

Andrea: Lia Harshbarger

Gatekeeper: Hannah Hale

Daniels mother: Nikki Wheeler

Grandhomme/gossiper : Kiera Simpson

Grandhomme/gossiper: Maya Walters

Grandhomme/gossiper: Amelia Widener

Grandhomme/gossiper: Mackenzie Bergeron

Papa Ge: Maddy Snideman

Agwe: Maya Snideman

Erzulie: Annie Shouse

Asaka: Gayathri Kosigi

Timoune: Reagan Miller

Student Choreographers and Student Directors: Annie Shouse, Estus Stephens, Hannah Hale

Directors: Dana Sparks Welch and Dana Cretsinger

Between live auditions and video submissions we had 40 plus entries, and we narrowed it down to 20! Congratulations to the students representing Spark at JTF west 2019!

Please take a moment to enter your t-shirt size into the order form here: JTF SHIRT

And please also submit your shirt size for the travel shirts here: Spark Travel shirts

Junior Theatre Festival-Sacramento California

Febrauary 8th-10th



Tuesdays 5:30-7:30

First Day of Rehearsal:  August 28th



Jan. 21nd-23th 4:30-8:30


Jan. 26th 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.