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(extended rehearsal) Tuesday May 28th: 4:00 pm-9:00 PM

(All day tech) Saturday June 1st: 10:00 AM -9:00 PM,

(Dress tech) Monday June 3rd 4:00 PM -11:00 PM

(Pre-show Pink cast final run thru) Tuesday June 4th 4:00-6:00 PM

(Pre-show Green cast final run thru) Wednesday June 5th 4:00-6:00 PM



Tuesday, June 4th 7:00 PM,

Wednesday, June 5th 7:00 PM,

Thursday June 6th 7:00 PM,

Friday June 7th 7:00 PM

Love’s Labour’s Lost Show Schedule and Cast info


PINK CAST Tuesday 7:00pm/Thursday 7:00pm
Princess: Ariana Warren

Rosaline: Rachel Carter

Maria: Nikki Wheeler

Katharine: Gaby Cordes

Holofernia: Kylie Taylor

Jaquenetta: Lacey McCray

Moth: Joe Dumuret

Don Armado: Logan Maloney

Costard: Caleb Schmidt

Boyet: Kate Hesketh

Officer Dull: Caylin McClellan

Marcade: Jordan Harris

Forester: Cali Harris

Ferdinand: Jaden Ross

Berowne: Estus Stephens

Dumaine: Bryson Brown

Longaville: Corbin McClellan

Sir Nathaniel: Michael Hill

Musician/DJ: Bess GibbonsEnsemble: Annie Shouse, Hannah Hale, Reagan Miller, Paul Greco, Matt Tincopa, Sariah Maloney, Madilyn Oakley, Maya Snideman, Maddy Snideman,


GREEN CAST Wednesday 7:00 pm/Friday 7:00 pm
Princess: Reagan Miller

Rosaline: Hannah Hale

Maria: Sariah Maloney

Katharine: Annie Shouse

Holofernia: Maddie Oakley

Jaquenetta: Maya Snideman

Moth: Paul Greco

Don Armado: Logan Maloney

Costard: Matt Tincopa

Boyet: Maddy Snideman

Officer Dull: Caylin McClellan

Marcade: Jordan Harris

Forester: Cali Harris

Ferdinand: Jaden Ross

Berowne: Estus Stephens

Dumaine: Bryson Brown

Longaville: Corbin McClellan

Sir Nathaniel: Michael Hill

Musician/DJ: Bess Gibbons

Ensemble: Lacey McCray, Ariana Warren, Rachel Carter, Nikki Wheeler, Gaby Cordes. Kylie Taylor, Kate Hesketh, Caleb Schmidt, Joe Domuret,

Congratulations! This show (and cast) is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

First Day of Rehearsals: February 12th

February 7th-

The script is available for viewing! It is long because lyrics to the songs are included.

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Shirts will be delivered to Spark and passed out during rehearsal. They are super fun, so order one for everyone in your family!

Love’s Labour’s Lost Cast List

DJ: Bess Gibbons/Caylin McClellan

Costard: Caleb Schmidt/Matt Tincopa

Jaquenetta: Lacey McCray/Maya Snideman

Don Armado: Logan Maloney

Moth: Paul Greco/Joey Domuret

Dull: Timothy McLeod

Sir Nathaniel: Michael Hill

Holofernia: Maddie Oakley/Kylie Taylor

Ferdinand: Jaden Ross

Berowne: Estus Stephens

Longaville: Corbin McClellan

Dumaine: Bryson Brown

Boyet: Kate Hesketh/Maya Snideman

Princess: Reagan Miller/Ariana Warren

Roseline: Rachel Carter/Hannah Hale

Maria: Sariah Maloney/Nikki Wheeler

Katherine: Annie Shouse/Gaby Cordes

Forester: Cali Harris

Marcade: Jordan Harris

Attendants: All off night cast members AND Forester and Marcade.

Character descriptions

DJ (chorus): this is a role that serves as the musician in the original play. The DJ is a campus radio disc jockey that knows everything that’s going on and let’s the audience in on all the dirt! The DJ also is responsible for the music throughout the show as he/she has their pulse on the sounds of the decade!

Costard: The Fool. Costard is a wannabe rapper and doesn’t quite fit in with all the jocks on campus. But he’s quick witted and very entertaining.

Ferdinand: The captain of the football team. Number 10 QB. The king of the school.

Berowne: kings best friend and team full back. He is the smartest of the crew and always defends the king even from his own bad ideas. But if his persuasion doesn’t take he is loyal to his kings service.

Longaville: team center. Very sweet and kind but not the brightest. He agrees with the king on everything and doesn’t seem to have an original idea until he falls for a girl...

Dumaine: wide receiver. He is very quick on his feet but not as outspoken as the other on his team. He sees himself as a lover not a fighter but loyal to his team to the end.

Boyet: the princesses counselor and care taker. Boyet adores the princess and would do anything for her.

Don Armado: foreign exchange student. Very wealthy and used to getting what he wants. Best dressed character and fun!

Sir Nathaniel: the coach and original mentor of the king and his men. He is a good man and very loyal to the university and especially Holofernia whom he secretly pines for.

Dull: security officer that has a good heart. He hangs out on campus because he never got to experience college himself and lives vicariously although he is unaware of his own agenda.

Holofernia: The dean of school. Very intelligent and supportive of the king. Continues to tutor the king. Secretly in love with the coach.

Moth: Armado’s servant. Moth wants to be rewarded by the wealthy Armado. Moth grew up poor and sees this as his way into society.

Princess: smart and beautiful. The princess loves to play games and win!

Rosaline: the princess’s oldest friend. Very witty and lovely.

Maria: the princess’s friend. She is the most romantic and a very girly! She likes the attention of boys and loves to talk about them with her friends.

Katharine: the princess friend. She is somewhat shy and very loyal.

Jaquenetta: a music student that sees herself as the next Tiffany. She wants to be a pop superstar! Very attractive and a big flirt!

Forester: the person in charge of the carnival games. The Forester will have comedic cameos throughout.

Marcade: the princess’s fathers lawyer who travels to find the princess to bring her news from home. This role is crucial to the climax of story. Actor needs to be able to have a strong presence.

Attendents: these are people that will serve as numerous parts throughout, sometimes playing a part in kings court and others the princess. Attendees will sing chorus on most songs and be a part of the dancing at the gala as well as have various lines throughout the show.