Michael Masotti Eagle Project 


My name is Michael Masotti. I am a life scout from troop 19 and have begun working with the Create A Spark  Foundation (Spark) for  my  Eagle Scout project. Spark is a nonprofit organization that does an amazing job  encouraging kids of all ages to express themselves through music, dance and other performing arts. Music has had a huge impact in my life, and having the opportunity to be a part of  Spark’s passion for the performing arts is no exception.
 In the dance/practice rooms at the Spark facility, there is a problem with air circulation that makes the rooms unbearably hot.
 For my Eagle Scout project, I and my team would like to  install ceiling fans into the “dance/practice” rooms to improve the airflow and keep the rooms cool. To do this, I need your help! We need funds so that we can buy the fans and other materials needed for this project. This improvement will  greatly reduce the temperature in the rooms, creating  a more comfortable environment for the students so they have a greater ability to focus and practice their new skills for many years to come. Any donations are greatly appreciated and help not only me, but the future performing artists.
 Thank you so much for supporting me in pursuit of this great cause!