Alice in Wonderland Thursday Homeschool

Rehearsals: Thursdays 12-3 p.m.

Classes begin Jan. 17th

Technical Rehearsals and Shows:

April 22nd-27th

Please block out the week of tech and shows.

Final dates will be released ASAP


February 18th:

Hey there cast! I missed you on Thursday! I know that everything went well and I’m super excited to see all of the hard work! We will be making a few tweaks and running from the beginning of the show and blocking through Ocean of Tears! Please be off song and script up to that point! See you on Thursday!

February 12th :

Hey cast! Here are three breakdowns for the harmonies for Very Good Advice; this is for the Wonderland characters.

Please note that the higher notes are for group one and the lower notes are for group two. If you did not rehearse this with me this past Thursday you are not in this number.

Thank you Karis for recording these harmonies! You are awesome!

February 11th: Rehearsal Notes from Gaby

Hey cast!

Last week we were able to finish “I’m Late” and run everything we’ve done, several times! We also got to go over, “Very good advice.”

(Girls are singing in “group 1,” and the boys are singing in “group 2”) Please write down all of your blocking and choreography, and continue to develop your characters and voices. Y’all rock!!


February 10th: Rehearsal Notes

Hey there amazing awesome Alice cast!

I am again impressed with your fortitude and focus on this past Thursday. Thank you for waiting when you were not performing and thank you for knowing your songs. We actually thought that you were singing with the vocals when you were actually singing with the accompaniment! And this is just the second rehearsal!

What does that mean? That means to keep up the good work! Please continue to review the music you already know and also know your lines from pages 17 - 29 and the lyrics and music for Ocean of Tears/Smallification 2 and Caucus Race.

See you on Thursday! Stay warm and then stay cool! The heat is coming!


Mrs. D

February 7th:

There are a few pages in the kids scripts that are very difficult to read. Attached are 4 pages that you can print out if needed.

February 3rd: Rehearsal Notes

Greetings Cast! Our second rehearsal went splendidly! First, let me say, that  I appreciate your focus and respect for me and Victoria as we move forward and backward to get things marked and blocked. You are all incredibly professional and we appreciate you! I attempted to videotape the opening number so you could rehearse at home, but I had technical issues. I will attempt to videotape it again this Thursday.

This past Thursday we finished marking Dodgsonland and began marking through I’m Late.  Our goal is to run very good advice and block through page 20.  Please be off book and score for those pages.  

You should receive rehearsal notes from Gaby as well! I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!


Mrs D

January 31st:

We have all the music with the lyrics, there’s just no breakdown for harmony. These videos are harmony breakdowns for two groups. Your child should know which group they need to listen to. The song is Dodgsonland.


January 28th: Rehearsal Notes

 Happy Monday cast! We had a fantastic first rehearsal and I couldn’t be more pleased with everything!

On Thursday we had a complete readthrough and started blocking the opening number. On Thursday, January 31st, we will review what we have choreographed and move on to block pages 4 through 9. Please review your lines and be off book for those pages.  Please review Dodgsonland Part 1 & 2 and I’m Late. It will make rehearsal run much smoother if you know the words to the songs.  We will begin by reviewing the music after we run the opening number. After break we will block scene 1 and begin blocking I’m Late. Have a fantastic and productive week! Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

-Ms. Nicole


January 23rd

Don’t miss out on ordering your Spring Show T-shirt! The kids love wearing these shirts long after the show is over! Great memories! Please click on the “Order Here” button below to reserve your shirt today! We would like orders to be in by March 9th.

Alice In Wonderland T-shirt.jpg
Alice Back.jpg

Congratulations CAST!  You made this decision very difficult for me!  You are all amazing and I can't wait to get started on Thursday.  Please highlight your role and start memorizing your lines today!!!! Keep in mind that the ensemble in Alice is a large part of the show and that other parts may be added as we go along!

Alice in Wonderland Cast List

Cheshire Cat 1                    Makenna Stokes

Cheshire Cat 2                    Karis Hesketh

Cheshire Cat 3                    Avery Campbell

Mathilda                               Abby Wilson

Alice                                     Claire Schmidt

Tall Alice                              Dakota Rostant

Small Alice                          Claire Palermo

White Rabbit                        Jaxon Hill

Doorknob                             Kaylee Yow

Dodo Bird                            Joey Domuret

Rock Lobsters                     Wesley Irving, Neil Irving, Ian Helms, Gavin Fergusson, 

Tweedle Dum                      Bryson Weaver

Tweedle Dee                       Kenny Chalk

Rose                                     Ellie Patterson

Petunia                                 Suzy Ure

Lily                                        Sara Haley

Violet                                    Mia Chumbley

Daisy                                    Emily Novaez

Caterpillar                            Judah  Alaniz

Mad Hatter                           Kolby Thackeray

March Hare                          Ana Gray Osborne

Royal Cardsmen                Sierra Rostant, Madalyn Kilgore, Marianna Zierlein, Mordecai Cochron, Cricket Cochron, Sophia Stokes, Charlotte Domuret, Emma Weaver, Makenzie Vandagriff, Sydney Rostant

Queen of Hearts                 Emma Hill

King of Hearts                     Daniel Irving