About Us:


Our mission is to bring the joy and opportunity of a fine arts education to every child and to empower all to learn, create, and inspire.  


We believe that every child should have opportunities that spark their interest and creativity.  These experiences have the power to shape a child and lead them down a path of self discovery, confidence, and success throughout their life.  

Our goal is to:

  • Provide High Quality Arts:  We aim to teach the arts at a high level.  We invite students to imagine, create, discover, and become not only the best artists but the best people that they can be. 
  • Seek Mentors and Teachers with Passion:  Finding mentors with a spark of their own, a passion for their craft is paramount to quality instruction.  Creating programs and classes around these mentors and teachers is key to igniting a love and passion in young artists.  
  • Create a Nurturing environment:  Each individual should be celebrated for his or her uniqueness.  Setting high, yet achievable expectations that will push each child to reach their full potential will create confident and happy adults. 
  • Uphold High Standards:  We believe in setting boundaries that will help a child to feel safe to grow and learn.  We strive to uphold high standards of content in our programs, modesty in costuming and dress, clean music, and a strong code of conduct.  We feel that by doing this we can create an optimal environment for families to feel confident that their children are learning and growing in confidence, kindness, modesty, and all other worthy values while they are developing their talents.  We support families and want to add value to their lives and not stretch them too thin.  We will be closed for business on Sundays to honor family time. 
  • Offer Diversity in programs through multidisciplinary and cultural arts:  As we grow we have plans to implement many additional programs to cater to the artistic disciplines of art, theatre, dance, and music.  We believe that by offering instruction in all four disciplines, the programs will have the ability to collaborate, build from, support, and inspire each other.  We intend to capitalize on the opportunity to teach cultural arts in a myriad of ways through every artistic discipline.  
  • Give Scholarships and Tuition Assistance: We are dedicated to the belief that exceptional artistic and educational opportunities should not be limited due to financial means.

  • Reach out in the community to provide exposure, opportunity, awareness:  Good will and community outreach is a natural byproduct of the culture of Spark.  As we secure a solid foundation for our organization, not only will we have the means to invite the community in but we will have the ability to mobilize and bring our programs out to high risk youth.