Parents and educators know how motivating it can be for young people to discover their "sparks"—those activities and interests with which they identify.  A "spark" gets you up in the morning.  It's that thing that you can't wait to get to.  A spark is what truly engages a child to be their best. Discovering those sparks can help students express their personalities, build confidence and experience growth. 

Classes at spark are unique because they are chosen by the student.  The student is excited to be there and is eager to learn.   As a teacher, we believe that the best way to nurture a budding artist is to model a true passion and joy for your craft.   True genius comes from the inside out, not the outside in.  We are always looking for teachers who are willing to share their spark with their students.  We work with our teachers and welcome them to create curriculum that they can be excited to teach.  We want the experience to enrich both teacher and pupil as they discover and share together.  

If you believe you have what it takes to be a Spark instructor and are interested in becoming a part of our teaching team please send your resume to or send us a message below. 

*All teachers are screened and given background checks.

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