Dear Parents,

We are so excited to be starting the fall semester of theatre at Create a Spark Foundation.  As we enter this new season, we wanted to pass along some information to you that will help things run smoothly.  We are all working together at Spark to continue to improve the experience for students and parents.

Costuming Calls 

This semester we are going to implement a costume call.  We would like to see everyone strive to be at their Costume Call if at all possible. These dates will be emailed out for each part in advance.  It will be a one-time event, separate from your students typical class time.  This will allow us the time to costume your student without interrupting class.

Theatre Basics

The following clothing items are what we call theatre basics.  These items main purpose are to provide modesty for your student.  There are times that changing in the bathroom is not an option, and we want your student and everyone around them to be comfortable when costume changes are needed.  Also, our restrooms are small, and changes in them take up a lot of time making that not an option.  Please help your student assess when to wear basics.  

Basics should be worn to ALL costume fittings, ALL dress rehearsals and performances. It is the students’ responsibility to be in their basics at the appropriate time.

We want to give you some information about a “theatre basic set” - there are typical basics items everyone should have, then there are extra items (things we may ask your child to wear).  The change is based on the actual costume assigned to them.

Boy’s Basic

Typical basics

White tank (undershirt)

Black compression shorts (gym shorts may be worn to first fitting, compression shorts maybe required, depending on the costume)

Extra basics

Solid white T-shirt

Solid white long sleeve shirt 

Solid black long sleeve shirt 

Black pants

Jean (Oklahoma cast only)

Girls Basics 

Typical basics 

Nude colored spaghetti strap tank top

Black biker shorts 

Extra basics

Black leggings (no emblems)

Solid White tank top

Solid White long sleeve shirt

Solid Black long sleeve shirt

Black pants

*Please help your daughters with appropriate undergarments. When costume is on, NO undergarments, (bra straps) should be seen. This means racerback style bras are not allowed*

We appreciate your help as the parent with these items. Your efforts will make all the difference in our costuming process. Do not feel like you have to run out and buy all these items, this information is to help you know what we may ask for during the costuming process. We are excited to work together with you to help your student have a wonderful experience.  Hearing from you with any questions is important to us.  Please feel free to reach out at any time.  If you have concerns about costuming your student or any information, (tactical, modesty, etc) letting us know before hand is helpful. 

As we move forward into this semester, we are going to do our best to communicate all the things we are also communicating to our students. 

Let the costuming begin!

Shae Troyer & Beth Helms

Co-costume directors