Provide Scholarships to victims of Hurricane Harvey

Our hearts are broken for the members of our Spark family who have lost their homes.  The devastation of this storm has been far reaching.  Many of our students who have already auditioned for roles in one of our shows this semester or are enrolled in classes, are waking up to a new reality.  Please donate to provide them with the means to continue to do what they love!  Every dollar donated will go directly to our scholarship fund and will be given to students in our community who are facing the terrible results of extreme flooding in our area.  


Thank You!

We want to thank our community and especially the Wildwood Subdivision for providing supplies at lightening speed.  We opened our doors and our facility was overflowing with donations.  Thank you for opening your hearts and working tirelessly to make this happen!   We were humbled to be able to  provide a comfortable place to stay for a few of the precious families that were rescued by boat early last week.  We had a 101 year old woman as well as children and cats and dogs.  We enjoyed getting to know them during their brief stay and wish them the best in rebuilding their lives.