College Audition Masterclass:

Saturday December 22nd 10-2pm

Tuition: $50 for High school students.

*Recommended for students ages 15-18

Parents with students participating can attend the informational part of this masterclass free of charge.

Are you considering pursuing a degree in musical theatre, acting or dance?

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of viable career options for someone who has obtained a performing arts degree. However, you may not be aware of the scope of options that are available to you. It should go without saying that no career path can guarantee employment right out of school. Graduates from arts programs are armed with many of the skills employers look for and are especially valued by a wide variety of industries. Artists tend to be creative problem solvers, to work well in a team environment, to understand how to critically think about their work, and to know how to take ownership of their job and manage their time. Therefore, graduates of music schools move on to any and every industry throughout their careers. Music is also a valued undergraduate major for medical and law school applications.

Join us for an informative masterclass that will cover everything you need to know to make the choice that’s right for you and make the process of applying for college less daunting. We will discuss the numerous jobs you can hold with this kind of a degree aside from performing. You will discover ways to save money and the things you can do your junior and senior years to boost your preparedness. Learn about the pros and cons of different programs, the keys to preparing an academic transcript to successful pre-screen auditions. Discover the various college audition conferences in your area that are the most beneficial. Participants will work with coaches from various top theatre colleges such as, Texas State University, University of Oklahoma, Manhattan School of Music, Oklahoma City University, Sam Houston State and Elon.

Students will go through a mock college audition complete with a live accompanist and dance call led by the a representative of the renowned Oklahoma City University.

Coaches and Speakers include; Morgan Rucker, Desi Stephens, Mark Jammal, Joshua Green, Eric & Nicole Domuret, *more names to be announced

Things to Bring

  • Notebook

  • Water bottle and sack lunch

  • Rep book

  • Headshot with resume

  • Clothes for audition and change of clothes for dance audition.

college auditions pic.jpg