Step 1:  Create a Spark Account (if you do not have one)

Step 2: Sign up for an audition time

Step 3:  Read through the information below and prepare for audition. 

What to Wear:

Please dress appropriately to make a good impression. Take a few extra minutes to fix your hair and select a nice outfit.

What to Prepare:  

For audition please prepare a 16-32 bar cut of a musical theatre song and a one minute monologue to showcase acting ability. Please bring your own accompaniment for song on either a CD, MP3 player, or phone. We will provide a stereo and auxiliary cable to play accompaniment tracks. *A PIANIST WILL NOT BE PROVIDED AND ACAPELLA AUDITIONS ARE NOT DESIRED.

*Select a song from a published musical. Several instrumental tracks can be found for FREE on youtube or on websites like . The advantage to being able to audition with your own instrumental track is that you get to practice with the music the exact way it will be played in audition room!

*Select a monologue from a published play. Public Libraries usually have sections devoted to plays and dramatic works and are an excellent source when looking for new material. Another good source (albeit overused and limited) is websites like

What to Bring to Auditions:

Headshot - Bring a headshot and resume. If you do not have resume please staple audition form to back of headshot. If you do not have a professional headshot, any recent picture is acceptable.

Conflicts - All conflicts for rehearsals must be submitted at the time of audition. Conflicts are taken into consideration when casting. We can usually accommodate a few conflicts if given in advance. However, any additional conflicts that arise after rehearsals begin may result in roles being recast.

Audition Tips:

*Make sure you "slate" properly. A slate is an introduction that states your name, age, and the titles of the pieces you will be performing for your audition. Example:
Hello, my name is Sam Singer.
I am 16 years old.
I will be doing a monologue from the play "You're Gonna Love This" by "Pete Playwright" and I'll be singing "Song" from the musical "Musical".

*Nerves are normal. Just try to remember that the people on the audition panel want you to succeed and do an incredible job!

If you have any questions or qualms about the audition process, please let us help you!  Call 281-516-8382.  Do not let the audition deter you from an amazing experience!