Theatre FAQ’s

What is the cost?

Theatre productions cost generally the same amount to produce regardless of whether or not they are spread out over three to five month or a two week summer camp.  Spark has to acquire and pay for licensing rights to every show we produce. These fees can be exorbitant depending on the show. We also have to consider the cost of paying directors, costuming, and creating set and props for each production.  Because of this, each production is one flat fee. Each family can opt to pay this fee in one lump sum or select a payment plan. We offer a standard four month payment plan in the fall or typically a four or five month payment plan in the spring.  We divide the tuition fee evenly between the number of months and then charge a one-time costume fee. We are happy to work with families to create a payment plan that fits their needs

Most students will pay between $65-$125 per month depending on the production.   

Do we get to keep our costumes? 

In order to keep our costume fees low, we save and re-use all of our costumes. We also borrow many of our costumes from other theatres that we have working relationships with.  Because of this, students do not keep their costumes. 


When are payments due?

Payments are due on the 5th of each month.  It is our policy that every family who has selected a payment plan has their credit card information on file and has signed up for automatic draft. 

How do I pay?

Payments will be automatically drafted on the 5th of each month.  If you would like to pay in full, please contact our office or speak to someone at the front desk so that they can adjust the charges and unenroll you from the defaulted payment plan. 

How do I purchase tickets for my child’s show?

Tickets are sold online or at the door.  We encourage families to purchase tickets online as many of our shows will sell out.  Each student is typically given two free parent tickets per child enrolled in our program and the remainder of the tickets are $8.

Does my child need to audition?

There are currently three categories of shows at spark.  

Open Enrollment:  Enrollment is open to all students who meet age requirements.  Students will participate in a group audition on the first day of class. 

Open Enrollment + Audition:  Enrollment is open to all students who meet the age requirements.  Students will be expected to prepare for and participate in an individual audition prior to the first day of class.  The purpose for auditions at this level is to have the opportunity to gain experience, confidence, and to learn what is expected in an audition. If you are new to theatre and your child is nervous about this process, please email or call 281-516-8382 to learn about other options.

By Audition:  Casting in this production is by audition.  Students will sign up for an audition and be cast in the show or invited to participate in a prerequisite program or alternate show. 

How do auditions work?

Students will need to sign up for an audition through sign up genius.  As Spark is an educational theatre, one of our goals is to prepare students for the real world of theatre.  Students will typically prepare a song and a monologue that is not more than one minute each. Songs should be selected from the musical theatre genre in a similar style of the show.  Monologues can be found online. Further information will be provided on the online sign up. We also ask our upper level students to bring in a headshot and resume. A resume should include any experience that the child has had in acting, dancing, or singing.  Resumes can also include special skills such as playing an instrument or doing a back handspring. Headshots are very helpful to the directors in helping them remember each student. These do not have to be professional headshots (especially in entry level classes).  Students will need to bring an accompaniment track of their music on a phone or ipod/ipad. You can find many karaoke or accompaniment versions of songs on youtube. We do not provide a pianist and strongly discourage students to sing a capella. After auditions your child may be invited to a call back.  If your child is not invited to a call back it does not mean that they have not been cast in the show. At times, not being called back may mean that the director has already decided on the students role and does not need to see any more from them. Casting is posted within one to two weeks of the audition and usually before the first day of class for open enrollment + audition classes.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our office.  

Where do I find materials for my child to use in auditions?  

Searching audition monologues for children or teens on google can yield good results.  When in doubt you can contact our office for further assistance.  

How do I receive communication about my child’s show?

All relevant show information will be posted on the show page.  You can find your show page under the login tab on our website. You will not need a login to access the page.  We will send a text message through the remind app when the page has been updated with new information. We will also occasionally send emails.  Please note that if you have unsubscribed from email blasts on your account you will not get any email communication from Spark. If you have not heard anything for a while and think you have missed messages, please ask the front desk to check the remind app or your account to see if there is an issue.  However, you should always be up to date on information about your show if you check the show page on our website.  

Who do I contact with questions or concerns?

Please call the front desk or email through the website or directly to  You can always ask questions at the front desk and they will help you or direct you to someone who can.  Each cast will also be assigned a cast mom who can help answer questions as needed.  

What does my child need to wear?

Theatre students should wear something comfortable to dance in such as a pair of leggings and a tee shirt or sweat pants.  We do follow the Tomball ISD dress standards. Shorts need to be mid thigh and we do not allow low necklines or short shorts.  We want all of our students to feel comfortable working with and dancing with other students in their classes. Each student will need a pair of black jazz shoes.  These will be worn in rehearsal and during the show. 

What does my child need to bring to rehearsal?

Students need to bring their scripts to every rehearsal, a water bottle with their name on it, a pencil, and a great attitude.  Students may also bring a book or quiet activity to do during downtime in the rehearsal. (In the event that they are not in a scene that is being worked)  Students need to leave their phones out of the rehearsal room.  

Are there exceptions to the age requirements in particular productions?

At times we do make exceptions to the age requirement due to special needs, prior experience, or at the request of a director.  

How can I volunteer to help?

There are many volunteer positions at Spark that need to be filled!  We do not require volunteer hours but love and accept any help that we get from parents.  As a non profit organization, we rely on volunteers and believe that our volunteers have shaped the culture of Spark.  A sign up and questionnaire will be posted to the showpage and we encourage you to get as involved as you are able!

What if my child is introverted?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get and definitely a big misconception about theatre.  We have all kinds of students enrolled in our program and have seen them all be successful! We have had shy students who sign up to be in the ensemble and opt out of the audition due to nerves.  These same students have later gone on to perform solos on stage in a large role just a few short semesters later. Some of our most talented actors are introverted off stage. Theatre welcomes all!