The Fairy Tale Network Friday, June 22nd 3pm

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fairy tale network.jpg

The Fairy Tale Network Friday, June 22nd 3pm


Cat: Macy Snideman

1st Mouse: Claire Schmidt

2nd mouse: Abbigail Wilson

3rd Mouse: Connor McClane

Queen Busy Bee: Claire LaClour

Busy Bee with tree line: Anderson Caldwell

Busy Bee/ Beautician: Olivia Nguyen

Princess Busy Bee: Eliza Harvey

Baby Busy Bee: Rayne Oakley

Little Yellow Riding Hood: Samantha Gomez

Wolf: Mason Farley

Jimmy: Addy Robison

Dean: Molly Snideman

Sausage: Troy Cardon

Mother Pig: Samantha Harvey

B.B. Wolf: Rowan Oakley

Goldilocks: Katie Metcalf

Stuffy Waiter: Leyla Oksuzler

Papa Bear: Parker Beckstead

Mama Bear: Charlotte Lopez

Baby Bear: Chloe Lorenz

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