Prop and Set Design

Monday 5:00-6:00 pm

Tuition: $45  

Set and prop design is a hands on creative class, sure to inspire students who are interested in the behind the scenes art of theatre.  Students will learn the basics of set design, learn skills from construction to painting, and make fun props for Little Mermaid, Guys and Dolls, Much Ado about Nothing, Seussical, and Into the Woods.  In addition to having their work featured in our productions, students will also make fun props to take home.  Other skills we will learn include:

  • Theatre terminology, including the functions and roles of the crew involved in production. 
  •  Learn the process a set designer goes through in creating a set (discussions, research, drawings, and then models).
  • Create a scale model of of a set. 

We can't wait for your artist to become a part of our production team!