Little Mermaid Homeschool Thursdays



Tickets are available now! 

Please share with your family and friends.  Each student enrolled in our program will get two free parent tickets to the show.  Please enter coupon code: ARIEL to redeem you tickets.  You will need to apply this code to two separate transactions as the system will only allow one.  


Work Days!!  

We will be having work days all week next week in preparation for the show.  Please sign up below if you are able to stay during your child's rehearsal to help with set, props and costumes.  We are excited for you to get involved in the behind the scenes fun!

Hair & Makeup specifics:


Hair: pulled up on sides, curled is possible. 

Make up: bright & fun eyes and lips (think 80’s rockstars)



Hair: wig (please pin curl and wear wig cap)

Make up: white face, blue eyeshadow, purple blush, fake lashes if desired, black eye liner, dark red lips (will provide picture for reference)



Hair: wig (so please pin curl and wear a wig cap)

Makeup: basic stage make up 



Hair: pulled back in French braid

Make up: black eyeliner, green shadow, black lips, purple blush



Hair: pulled back in braid (due to hat)

Makeup: blue and yellow eye make up (will provide pic for reference)


Sebastian: red lips, and blush, all other should be basic stage make up (eyeliner, shadow, mascara, Foundation etc...)


All other cast: basic stage makeup and hair combed and out of face (this includes sailors, seahorses, and seagulls because they are multiple roles). For girls French braids are preferred hairstyle. 

What to wear under costumes.  Some may need to layer depending on how many characters they are.

All the kids should be wearing black jazz shoes and if they like socks on please have them be solid black.


Mersisters-nude tank top, long sleeve solid black top, solid black long leggings

Ursula-basic undergarments

Flounder-white tank top, solid black long leggings

King Triton-basic undergarments

Ariel-nude tank tops, black biker shorts

Scuttle-white tank top, solid black long leggings

Sailors-solid black top, solid black long leggings

Sebastian-white tank top, solid black long leggings

Prince Eric-white t-shirt and biker shorts

Grimsby-white shirt or tank top, biker shorts

Eels-black tank top, long solid black leggings that can be cut

Sailors-solid black top, solid black long leggings

Souls-solid long sleeve black top, solid black long leggings

Jellyfish-solid long sleeve black top, solid black long leggings

Chefs- solid black top, solid black long leggings

Sea Creatures-solid black top, solid black long leggings

Sign Up Genius- Volunteer link

Feb. 27th:


Free Seussical Tickets!

Seussical will be Thursday at 12:00 p.m.  All of our Thursday homeschool students are invited to attend the show.  Please use discount code:  THURSDAYTHEATRE to reserve your child's free ticket.  You may purchase tickets to attend as well.  If your child will not be coming to the show, rehearsals will begin at 1:15 p.m. and end at the usual time.  (3:00 p.m.)



Technical and Dress Rehearsal- May 7th-9th 10am-3:00pm.

Shows: May 10th-12th

Thursday, May 10th, 11am,

Friday, May 11th, 11am,

Saturday, May 12th, 5pm & 7:30pm

January 29th:


Communication:  We will be communicating through "remind" app.  Please download this app on your phone if you have not already.  Updates will come through text. You will be directed to the homepage for your show.  You can find your homepage by clicking on our login button, then "Spring Show Info," then click the icon of the show that you are in.  the password is "spark2018."  We will be posting all communication to the show pages on our website.  

Cast Mom:  

Sarah Stokes  


She will be your first point of contact for any questions you may have.  She will send information out to the cast.  She will also coordinate tech and show week volunteers.

Tuition:  Tuition is due by January 5th.  We require that our students sign up for auto draft unless other arrangements have been made.  If you have entered payment information online, you are signed up for auto draft and your payment will come out automatically.   If you would like to pay tuition in full please let Summer or Nicole know and we will charge your account in full.  To access your account, please LOGIN

Student Policies:  Please Click HERE to read our student policies and sign your name at the bottom so that we know that you have read it.  Please be aware of our dress code.  Shorts need to be mid thigh, no bare midriff or low cut shirts.

Attendance:  Attendance is very important!  If you have a conflict that is unavoidable, we need to know about it ASAP.   PLEASE LIST CONFLICTS HERE

A note for our Team:  It is our highest priority that your child gains confidence, learns to love the arts, and has fun!  Please keep an open line of communication throughout the semester about your child.  We are here to help them to be their best self.  

Volunteer Sign Up:  We do not require volunteer hours but we do encourage you to get involved!  We would like each parent to complete this questionnaire.  Signing up shows interest but does not commit you to anything.  Our volunteer coordinator, Kirsten Vance, will contact you.  



Dear parents and actors!

I have had the privilege of casting The Little Mermaid Junior with your wonderfully talented students! I will expect a lot and I know that they will bring it! Please make sure that your students show up to rehearsal tomorrow with their script and a pencil. We are going to do a readthrough of the script tomorrow and start going over the music! Congratulations to everyone! This is going to be an excellent show!

Pilot - Case Goodie
Sailors - Makenna Stokes, Joy Lybarger
Prince Eric - Joseph Domuret
Grimsby - Maya Saenz
King Triton - Nicholas Chancey Bilbrey
Sea Horse - Joy Lybarger
Sebastian - Kaden Goodie
Aquata, Princess 1 - Shelby Baggs
Andrina, Princess 2 -  MacKenzie Vandergriff
Arista, Princess 3 - Cassidy Jones
Atina, Princess 4 - Maya Walters
Adella, Princess 5 - Sarah Haley
Allana, Princess 6 - Claire Marsh
Flounder - Rylee Baker, Rhapsody Dybala
Ariel - Gaby Cordes, Emma Hill
Scuttle - Bess Gibbons, Gianna Domuret
Gull 1 - Olivia Osorio
Gull 2 - Bianca Farley
Gull 3 - Emma Saenz
Jetsam - McKenzie Troyer
Flotsam - Emmalyn Troyer
Ursula - Kennedy Merryman
Jelly Fish 1 - Charlotte Domuret
Jelly Fish 2 - Taylor Nelson
Chef Louis - Caylin McClellan
Carlotta -Mykella Chancey- Bilbrey
Harp, sea Creature - Adyn Chabannes
Bass, Sea Creature - Anthony Domuret
Chefs- Bianca Farley, Olivia Osorio, Charlotte Domuret, Makenna Stokes, Kace Goodie, Joy Lybarger, Emma Saenz, Taylor Nelson