Dance Student Policies/ Code of Conduct


Be on time – Student will not be admitted to class prior to five minutes before class starts.  Please do not drop your child off without first checking in with a spark representative.  


Be Prepared:  Always come prepared with the proper materials for class.  Proper leotard, tights and a ballet bun are expected. Be sure to have the appropriate shoes for you class, per teacher.

Be Kind and Respectful to persons:  encourage and support your cast mates in word and deed. Fighting, bullying, name calling, intimidation, bigotry of any kind, any form of emotional or physical abuse or unwanted contact directed at one another, directors, staff, or volunteers will not be tolerated.  

Respect of Property and Facilities:  Students will respect the facilities, costumes, props, sets, and all other property including the property of other participants.   No running in facilities. No cartwheels or tumbling allowed anywhere except classroom and under teacher supervision. No hanging on ballet bars.
Cleaning up after oneself is expected.

Lewd or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.  We will not tolerate curse words of any kind in the classroom including taking the name of God in vain. 

Classroom Etiquette:  

  • Do not leave during a class, show or rehearsal unless excused by the Teacher or when the Teacher dismisses the group.

  • Use the restroom before class.

  • Be respectful of Teacher, this includes a proper ending of class time.

  • No disruptive behavior.

  • No talking in class.

  • Be on time

  • If late, wait at door until the teacher invites you in

  • Give proper appreciation for class by: clapping, curtsy to the teacher, and thank her for the training.

Ballet Etiquette:

Classical Ballet Training includes more than just technique.  Respect is a big part of the training. Please encourage your student to show respect to their ballet mistress, teachers, Spark staff, fellow students, and themselves. Spark wants all students to feel encouraged by everyone around them.  Show respect by NOT being late, talking during class, talking back or leaving class. Show respect by being on time, being in place at the barre at the start of class, working hard, and showing proper appreciation at the end of class. These habits are part of classical ballet training that are also important to practice for each dancer. Higher levels should arrive 15 minutes early and stretch before class begins.

Appropriate Dress for Ballet Class and Productions

  • Hair must be pulled back in a classic ballet bun. (unless requested otherwise by teacher)

  • No hats or jewelry, no earrings

  • Dress and grooming standards should be neat and respectful. Hair must be clean, deodorant must be worn, etc. (Students work in close contact)

  • DO NOT wear ballet flats, Pointe shoes, or any dance shoe OUTSIDE.

  • Do not leave studio in leotard, please put street clothes over.

  • Costumes adjustments are the responsibility of the parent to see to completion before 1st dress rehearsal

  • Pointe Shoe pancaking will be required for shows only.

  • Stage makeup according to Ballet Mistress.

Abide by the Three Strike Rule:  Students breaking any of the code of conduct rules will have the following disciplinary actions:
•    The first instance: student will be given a verbal warning by the Teacher. 
•    The second instance: student will be given a verbal warning, and parent/guardian will be contacted.
•    Third instance: student will be dismissed permanently from the class, show or rehearsal. 

Any student who believes that he or she has observed or has experienced prohibited behaviors should report these immediately to an instructor or Director.


Expectation of Spark Parents & Patrons

We want to provide the students in our program the best experience possible.  In order to make this happen, we need the support of our Parents and Patrons, and while they are at SPARK, we ask them to follow these simple rules of conduct.
Our Parents and Patrons will:

  • Ensure their child follows the Code of Conduct and Student Policies.

  • Ensure their child attends every rehearsal and show and is on time with all necessary materials, prepared to work hard.

  • Be on time to drop off and pick up your child.

  • Encourages and works with the student at home to go over dance choreography.

  • Ensures their child is appropriately dressed for all activities consistent with the published dress code.

  • Bring to the attention of SPARK staff any learning problem or condition that may relate to their child’s education.

  • Maintains up-to-date home, work and emergency telephone numbers and other pertinent information.

  • Submits a signed statement that they understand and consent to the responsibilities for a given production or activity when provided.

  • Show support, help to promote productions, volunteer when able.

  • Ensure their own language, to their own children and others, is supportive, nurturing and age appropriate and of a positive nature. Swearing, yelling, or humiliation, are not acceptable disciplinary techniques here.

  • Personal, verbal, non-verbal, physical or sexual harassment between child to child, child to adult, or adult to adult will not be tolerated.

  • Will follow the direction and guidance of staff, directors, or volunteers.

  • The use of any video or audio recording device of any kind during the auditions, rehearsals, or performances, or the preparation for any of the same without the express consent of the theatre is prohibited.

  • Understands the Ballet Mistress is in charge of the production. The Ballet Mistress is accountable for the ultimate outcome of the production so he or she has to own the creative process and that the Ballet Mistress owns the final creative, artistic and casting decisions. Parents may not influence or attempt to influence a teacher or Ballet Mistress’s casting, or other show-related decision

  • Pay tuition on time and understand students do not “take the stage” with unpaid balances.

  • If at any time a parent or guardian sees anything they believe is inappropriate, they will promptly make the staff aware of the situation.

Tuition:  Tuition is due by the 5th of each month.  Spark requires that you sign up for auto draft and your payment will be drafted on the 5th.  You may opt out of this on a case by case basis by speaking with Nicole Carter or Summer Humphries.

Communication:  You may contact Spark by phone 281-516-8382, by email,, orf through the REMIND app where applicable.  As we get closer to production, communications will be sent via "remind app.” This is the best way to communicate to everyone.  It is the responsibility of each parent and student to keep up with communications throughout the semester. Please let us know if you need help accessing the app.