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Welcome to Spark Dance!

We are so excited to begin our third season with Spark dance. As with any growing program, we are always learning and implementing new policies and ideas to help our program run more smoothly. We appreciate the feedback from our dancers and look forward to an awesome 2019-2020 Season!

About Us:

  • Dance is an Art:  The discipline of dance will be taught as an art and will not have emphasis placed on competitive teams, but rather grooming a dancer as an artist.  We plan to offer audition based performing companies in 2020. The goal of our program is to have our Senior Company choreographing and presenting showcases of their own work.  This is a whole other level of training to prepare them for whatever they may want to pursue!  

  • Affordability: Dance can be extremely hard on the pocket book.  Because of our non-profit status and the fact that we have a performance space "in house," we are able to offer dance without as many of the extra fees.  

  • Excellent Teaching Staff:  We are dedicated to offering high quality dance education and can ensure that our teaching staff reflects those standards.  We are thrilled with the teachers we currently have on staff and look forward to building a larger team!

  • Costumes, Music, Movement:  At Spark we strive to maintain high standards when it comes to our student policies and code of ethics.  Discretion will be used when considering costuming, music, and movement that is age appropriate and displays a respect for the dancer as an artist.

  • Confidence and FUN:  As with any of the programs we offer at Spark, our goal is to uplift our students, help them to build confidence, and add joy to their life!  The arts add color to life and that is why we do what we do!  


Tuition payment will be paid through automatic draft to your online account on the 5th of every month. August - June for Classical Ballet, September - June for all other classes. Each student must be enrolled in auto-draft.

$45 per month for weekly 45 min. class

$60 per month for weekly 1 hr. class

$80  per month for weekly 1.5 hr.class

$100 per month for weekly 2 hr, class

Recital Fee: $100 Due Nov. 5th

Ballet Production Fee: $100 Due Nov. 5th

Costume Fees: Students will pay any additional costume fees on January 5th. We do no up-charge costumes and each dancer will pay for their costume at cost.


After enrolling in the first class, a 20% discount will be applied on each additional class.  (This includes siblings)  

Important Dates:

Mid Year Revue - January 31st

Ballet and Recital - June 11th-13th

Class Placement:

Class placement is determined by age, dance experience, and ability.  Dancers will be moved up as they progress and not necessarily by year.  Some students may move through two levels in one year while others may stay in the same level from one year to the next.  

If you have questions about which class to register for or your would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact our studio at 281-516-8382 or  

Free Trial Classes: 

New students are welcome to do a free trial in any class that they are interested in taking.  You do not need to register for your trial class, just come in the day of class and sign in at the front desk.  


The goal of our PreK classes are to introduce students to dance in a fun, creative, and imaginative way.  We will utilize props and creative movement in our teaching. Dancers will be introduced to primary ballet technique and rhythmic timing through tap.  

Combo Classes:  

We offer combo classes for dancers PreK through age 8.  Combo classes allows your student to learn basic ballet technique and rhythmic timing through tap.  After students turn 7 they are also introduced to Jazz technique. Students will do a ballet warm up and floor work and then spend the second half of class learning tap or alternate each week between tap and jazz.  This gives students exposure to and experience with multiple styles and prepares them to go on and take specific classes as their interests and abilities grow.    

Classical Ballet:

As an art and performance based studio we view ballet as the basis of all other styles of dance.  The classical ballet program at Spark is lead by Miss Maria Eugenia with the assistance of Lacey Flowers.  We strive to provide the best in training and technique. Each year students will participate in a mid-year revue and a Spring Ballet.  Students younger than age 8 may need to be evaluated to determine if they should enroll in Ballet level 1 or a combo class in preparation for level 1.  

Contemporary/ Lyrical:

Students must be at least 9 years old and have a minimum of two or three years of ballet training.  

Hip Hop:

Dancers must be at least 8 years old.

Musical Theatre Dance:

Classes are listed as age specific.  No experience required.

Leaps and turns:

Dancers must be at least 13 years old and an intermediate level or higher.  Basic leaps and turns will be covered in all fundamental level classes. 


Dancers must be evaluated by Miss Maria Eugenia to participate


Pointe dancers must be at least 10 years old and have had the required conditioning and strength before they are able to take pointe.  New students will need to enroll in level 4 or higher and be evaluated.